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Learn about the different trading sessions in the forex market, the best times to trade and what timeframe you should be using.

The forex market is considered the most accessible financial market not only because of its low trading costs, but also because it’s active effectively throughout the day. In this article, we will look at the different forex market trading hours as well as which time is the best to open your trades and what timeframe is most ideal for short-term positions.  

The Rise Of Digital Currencies – Could Countries Move Towards A Cashless Society?

The ever-increasing popularity of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, has led to some countries moving towards a cashless society. Here’s what’s happening in the world of digital currency and how you can make the most of this revolutionary market.

Top stories of the week - Tough week for tech, EU to rule on digital currency

It’s been an interesting week for traders, especially in the technology sphere. The biggest news is the slump in the technology sector and potential vaccines to be rolled out in Europe. We look at the biggest headlines in financial news.   

A Brief Explanation Of Inflation, Interest Rates And Central Bank Policies And Their Impact On Currency Exchange Rates

Central banks closely watch inflation metrics in order to keep the economy in check and promote stable growth. Therefore, interest rate decisions by central banks are considered a high-impact indicator in the forex market. In this educational article we will cover how interest rate changes can affect the exchange rate between currency pairs.

Beginners Guide To Trading: 6 Great Tips To Begin Your Trading Journey

With the right knowledge and discipline, anyone can start making money trading the financial markets. Our simple steps will help you get a head start on your trading journey. We also have an amazing offer in the form of an incredible LIVE Education series, more on that later in this article. 

Top 5 Biggest Financial Stories Of The Week

Stock index futures rose on September 1 as Apple shares climbed and upbeat Chinese and European manufacturing sector rekindled investor sentiment.  

Learn how and why you need to start trading stock indices

The forex market may be the most profitable financial market, however, stocks and stock indices are also widely popular and often provide the same exciting opportunities.  

Trading the news: fundamental analysis and economic indicators

While trading during high-impact news events is generally considered risky, it also provides profitable opportunities and higher profit potential due to the increased market volatility. In this article we’ll explore how economic indicators affect the exchange rate of currency pairs and use these to gain an edge.

Building your winning trading plan in 2020

The financial markets are constantly changing, and prices can be incredibly volatile throughout the trading session. Therefore, traders need to not only find a trading style that suits them, but also, be able to adapt their trading plan according to the current market climate. 

SA’s EFC champion Dricus du Plessis extends partnership with South Africa’s largest online broker CM Trading

“They’ve been an amazing part of my journey,” says SA’s UFC champion Dricus du Plessis as he extends his incredible partnership with award-winning financial broker CM Trading. 

The UFC champion has been an ambassador for CM Trading, Africa’s largest online broker, since 2019, coinciding with the company’s sponsorship of the sport. 

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